Mesa Equipment & Supply Co. follows a developed Top Five Essential Tips from Atlas Copco, in order to get a compressed air system ready for all the heat the summer has to dish out.

Atlas Copco - Summer Heat Prep

Check Drains – Higher humidity in the summer causes more condensate to come out of the drains. Be sure drains are in perfect working order so they can handle the extra flows.

Clean Coolers – Blocked or clogged coolers can cause an air compressor to overheat on hot summer days. Get a jump on this by making sure coolers are clean before the heat hits.

Clean Air and Oil Filters – A compressor will run cooler, and consume less energy, if the air filters are clean (just like your car or truck). Dirty filters lead to pressure drops, which the compressor must then accommodate by increasing discharge pressures.

Check Ventilation – Just like with air filters and oil filters, check and adjust your compressor room so that there is sufficient air flows and that temperatures are maintained within the designed operating conditions.

Adjust Water Cooling Systems – For water-cooled compressors, adjust the temperature of water entering the compressor to ensure that it is cool enough for summer conditions.

Please contact our service departments to schedule one of our skilled service technicians to come to your facility and provide you with the recommendations and services you need for your compressed air equipment to run effectively and efficiently throughout the summer.

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You can download a convenient PDF of these 5 essential tips here.