The new CD+-BD+ series are kind to your energy consumption and carbon footprint by minimizing pressure drops* and optimizing the regeneration cycle.

The pressure dewpoint sensor measures the remaining humidity in the compressed air, detects when the active tower is completely saturated and then switches the functions of the two dryer towers at the optimal moment. Thanks to the Dewpoint Dependent Switching dryer cycles are delayed, resulting in energy savings up to 90% compared to more traditional switching systems.

The CD+ dryers use some of the dried air to regenerate its towers, whereas the BD+ mainly uses ambient air to dry its desiccant. Since the CD+ does not use ambient air, it is also suitable for hazardous conditions. On the other hand, the BD+ blower purge technology allows to downsize both the BD+ desiccant dryer and the compressor compared to a similar installation with the CD+ range; resulting in major energy savings.