gv 630-4800

Customer benefits

  • High reliability – Oil-sealed technology offers wear-free, robust operation. Reliable, oversized motors and efficient oil-mist separation ensures durable operation.
  • Best-in-class efficiency – With the highest performance output per kW input, the GV outperforms all other vacuum technologies in its pressure range. State-of-the-art coalescing filters reduce oil consumption, running temperatures and motor power consumption. Thanks to a modulating valve, the capacity of the pump can be matched exactly to the demand.
  • Plug and play installation – A small footprint and space-saving canopy with lift-out panels offer easy installation and easy maintenance.

Silent operation – The two screw elements rotate at slow speeds, so the GV runs at a sound level as low as 69 dB(A). This silent operation allows you to install the GV close to the point of use.