COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps

COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps are highly efficient, and ideally suited to industrial applications that require reliable and contaminant-free extraction of gases and vapors.

Dolphin liquid ring vacuum pumps

Dolphin pumps are available as single or two-stage pumps and their proven operating principle allows the to be used in all industrial sectors.

Fossa vacuum pumps

Fossa scroll vacuum pumps are hermetically sealed and operate using completely dry compression. They are ideal for pumping air or conveying gases without leakage or contact between the pumping medium and the ambient air.

Mink dry claw vacuum pumps

Mink claw vacuum pumps operate oil and contact free and have been developed for industrial applications in which constant vacuum, high pumping speeds and oil-free compression are essential.

Panda/Puma vacuum boosters

Panda and Puma vacuum boosters are dry-running and can be used with a backing pump in all rough and fine vacuum processes. These pumps act as a booster to greatly increase the output of the backing pump.

Busch R 5 oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps

The proven and reliable R 5 vacuum pumps provide a consistently high vacuum level in continuous operation even under the harshest industrial conditions. R 5 vacuum pumps impress due to their high-capacity, modular, proven oil-lubricated vane technology.

Samos side channel blowers

Samos side channel blowers may be used in all areas where pulsation-free vacuum and pressure services are required. Units may be installed horizontally or vertically. The die-cast aluminum construction makes this a very robust product.

Seco dry-running rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors

Compact, reliable and extremely powerful, the lubricant-free design makes Seco pumps ideal for industrial applications in which rapid and reliable vacuum is required.