The Vmax VFD oil sealed vacuum systems are liquid ring vacuum pump systems using oil as the seal liquid. The systems (in capacities ranging from 150 – 4500 CFM) operatie with a Variable Frequency Drive which reduces the speed of the vacuum pump when demand for vacuum decreases, resulting in substantial savings.

Upgrade your system:
VFD’s are also affordable and easy to install on existing systems and are one of the most cost-effective ways to maximize efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Product Features

  • Control of power consumption (up to a 50% turn down in power resulting in savings)
  • Control of inrush (soft starting reduces wear on system components and eliminates inrush during start up)
  • Control of material damage and waste (reduced slippage results in less material damage and waste)
  • Control of cost and return on investment (guaranteed quick payback on few system investment)