Dekker Vacuum ChemSeal custom engineered solvent-sealed liquid ring vacuum systems are specifically designed for the recovery of a variety of solvents by taking advantage of the inherent design features of the liquid ring pump which has the great advantage of being able to use solvents as the seal liquid.

ChemSeal solvent-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems are used in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in applications such as distillation and vacuum drying and may include a pre-condenser with condensate receiver and possibly an after condenser. The combination achieves a very high solvent recovery rate.

Systems can be manufactured in standard materials as well as in a variety of special materials such as stainless steel or hastelloy.

Product Features

  • Systems are available in a capacity range from 15 – 3,000 CFM
  • Operate at vacuum levels down to 0.5 torr
  • With the addition of condensers, can recover close to 100% of the solvent
  • Typical applications are vacuum distillation and drying