Dekker Vacuum AquaSeal systems are available in capacities from 20-10,000 CFM and can be offered in a wide variety of materials for tough applications.

AquaSeal full recovery water sealed liquid ring vacuum pump systems recover and re-use close to 100% of the seal-water. Because of heat build-up, a heat exchanger needs to be used. However, if the separator tank is large and the pump is small, radiation can dissipate sufficient heat and the system could work without a heat exchanger.

Product Features

  • Designed to be environmentally friendly and eliminate pollution
  • Complete package design includes all necessary components
  • Available in a wide choice of materials
  • Control valves and instrumentation are available for fully automatic operation
  • Custom design according to customers specifications are a Dekker specialty
  • Electrical control panel, including skid wiring available as an option
  • Available with either single-stage or two-stage liquid ring pumps
    heavy-duty pump design requires minimum maintenance
  • All pumps include mechanical shaft seals as standard
  • Available with either shell & tube or plate type heat exchangers for maximum heat transfer efficiency and minimal cooling water requirements