Quincy filters protect pneumatic equipment and processes from the harmful effects of contaminated compressed air by removing dirty water, burnt oil and solid pollutants before they can do any damage.


Quincy DCN Series

Particulate/Coarse Coalescers are designed to remove solids, burnt oil and bulk liquids.

Quincy CSN, CPN, CXN Series

Coalescers remove various levels of liquid aero- sols and mist.

Quincy ACN Series

Quincy’s aluminum alloy, 750 psig, high pressure filter lineup offers two levels of coalescing and an activated carbon absorber. The coalescers remove various levels of liquid aerosols and the activated carbon absorber removes vapor and odors. Quincy’s line of 316 stainless steel filters offer a stainless steel tie rod design on 1,500 and 5,000 psig models.