Designed especially to deliver 30 to 50 psig compressed air with maximum efficiency, the QSLP is suited to low pressure applications such as bulk material handling and waste water aeration. The QSLP meets clean air needs with its 2-3 ppm oil carryover, maintained by an efficient air/fluid separation system that prevents lubricant from entering the discharge air stream. The QSLP is designed for long life. Instead of using gears in the airend, the drive motor turns the male rotor, which in turn drives the female rotor. The rotors are separated, eliminating wear, by injecting a cushion of lubricating fluid between the rotors. The QSLP uses the Quincy designed modulating inlet valve, which provides accurate response to system demand. As demand increases, the valve opens and allows the unit to draw more air. Consequently, the unit delivers more air. As demand drops, the inlet valve closes in response. The benefit for your system is steady operating pressure.