Air Cooled Aftercoolers

Hankison’s Air-cooled Aftercoolers are engineered to maximize heat transfer with minimum pressure drop which results in cool, compressed air that can be used to precondition air for further filtering and drying or space heating, by reclaiming normally wasted hot air.

Condensate Drains

Snap-Trap® and Trip-L-Trap®

Pneumatically-Actuated Drains

  • Float-activated pilot valve operates on demand allowing an air-powered piston to open a large discharge port
  •  Tested to over a million cycles
  •  Level actuated — operates only on demand

hs Series Oil Water Separators

Hankison HGS Series Targets Demulsible Lubricants
“Gravity Separation” Condensate Separators are ideal for applications that use a single lubricant and rapidly separate in less than 5 minutes into 2 distinct layers. Excellent candidates tend to be proprietary PAO (polyalphaolefin) based lubricants marketed by compressor manufacturers. HGS Series Separators use a large tank of water that allows separable lubricant to float to the surface.