Hankison HGS Series Targets Demulsible Lubricants
“Gravity Separation” Condensate Separators are ideal for applications that use a single lubricant and rapidly separate in less than 5 minutes into 2 distinct layers. Excellent candidates tend to be proprietary PAO (polyalphaolefin) based lubricants marketed by compressor manufacturers. HGS Series Separators use a large tank of water that allows separable lubricant to float to the surface. Incoming condensate displaces cleaner water from the bottom to flow through a bed of activated carbon to remove trace lubricant to 15 ppm.

Hankison HPE Series Targets Emulsified Lubricants
“Polar Extraction” Condensate Separators are ideal for applications that use multiple lubricants that don’t separate well. HPE Series separators have excelled in tough applications with mixed lubricants from a variety of compressor stations. HPE Series Condensate Separators use specially coated zeolite to establish a polar magnetic field that selectively targets positive and negatively charged lubricant molecules. Attracted to the charged surface, polar lubricant molecules bond to the opposite magnetic pole and are removed from the condensate. As water is neutral, it slips through the Absorption Module unimpeded to deliver less than 15 ppm to sanitary sewer.