hmd Series Air Dryers

Membrane gas separation technology, used for years to generate nitrogen, is now widely used for compressed air drying. Operation is simple and reliable. Compressed air, saturated with water vapor, flows through a bundle of tube-shaped membranes (think of tiny drinking straws). Water vapor (and a fraction of the compressed air used to sweep the water vapor out of the dryer) passes through the membrane walls. Dry air then exits the tube bundle for use downstream. As long as the dried air isn’t exposed to temperatures below the dew point temperature produced by the dryer, no troublesome liquid water will form in your air system.

hmm and Sweepsaver Modular Air Dryers

HMM Series modular membrane compressed air dryers provide clean, dry compressed air wherever you need it; no electricity required. Designed for continuous flow applications, HMM Series dryers pass a constant side-stream of dry sweep air to exhaust the extracted water vapor into the ambient surroundings.