(1,600 scfm and larger)
Fabricated from high-quality carbon steel, PCC Series Filters are welded to ASME standards to provide large flow applications with exceptional air quality and low pressure drop. Designed specifically for use with our high performance air and gas filter cartridges, these filters can be used alone or as prefilters and afterfilters. Durable and dependable, PCC Series protects your compressed air and gas system and enhances dryer performance.

  • Flanged lid allows easy filter cartridge access. No need to disconnect drain valve or other tubing when changing cartridges
  • Sturdy vessel support legs simplify piping installations
  • Multi-element, carbon steel housing design 1,600 to 15,000 scfm
  • Easy to read differential pressure gauge standard on all models
  • Low housing pressure drop saves dollars (1 psi pressure drop costs, on average, $67 per year per 100 scfm at 6¢ per kWh).