(25-2,200 scfm)
Oil vapor can be very detrimental to many products and processes including food, pharmaceutical, instrument, hospital and electronics applications. In these cases an oil adsorber should be installed downstream of both lubricated and non-lubricated air compressors as hydrocarbon vapors are found in ambient air and can be concentrated in the compressed air stream. Oil adsorbers use a charge of activated carbon to remove unwanted hydrocarbon vapors. These adsorbers can be used as single tower water vapor adsorbers with a charge of activated alumina.

  • Stainless steel diffuser and adsorbent support screens for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Down flow design for less fluidization and longer adsorbent life.
  • ASME section VIII designed, manufactured and stamped (where applicable) for certified quality assurance
  • Specially selected carbon and aluminum adsorbents for low pressure drop.
  • Separate fill and drain ports for ease in adsorbent replacement.