High Performance Filters for Compressed Air & Gas
(35 to 15,000 scfm)

State-of-the-art filtration media, CAD engineered designs and ISO 9001 manufacturing practices combine to produce the P-2000 Series of compressed air filter products. The result is a product unmatched in value-Long element life, high contaminant removal efficiencies and low differential pressure drop at a system price you can afford.

Contaminants in your compressed air and gas system dramatically increase your operating cost. Dirt, moisture, oil, hydrocarbons, gases and bacteria aggressively attack, corrode and erode your piping system, controls, instruments and tools. Maintenance and repair costs escalate dramatically. P-2000 Series filters remove these harmful contaminants from your system utilizing the follow features:

  • Pleated filtration media used in both coalescing prefilters and particulate afterfilters, offering 6 to 9 times the surface area found in “wrapped” or “depth-style” elements.
  • Coalescer liquid removal efficiency of 0.001 ppmw based on 20 ppmw challenge. Removes liquid aerosols down to 0.01 micron.
  • Particulate filters have a 100% absolute removal rating down to 0.9 micron.
  • Single element, aluminum housing design 35 to 1,200 scfm.
  • Easy to read differential pressure gauge standard on all models.