(35-100 scfm)
Improve the performance and protection of your compressed air and gas system with PPC’s small flow filter line. Our small flow filter line consists of three sizes of “T” type housings designed for flows up to 100 scfm at 100 psig. The housings are fabricated using epoxy coated aluminum for the 35 and 60 scfm sizes and epoxy coated carbon steel for the 100 scfm size. They feature our high performance air and gas filter cartridges.

  • Drop away canister access for simple element change-out.
  • Stainless steel V-band locks head to housing with captive seal for removal and re-attachment.
  • Buna N o-ring seals prevent leakage paths which permit contamination downstream.
  • Corrosion resistant coatings for longer housing life.
  • Low housing pressure drop saves dollars (1 psi pressure drop costs, on average, $67 per year per 100 scfm at 6¢ per kWh).