DEA Series Internally Heated Dryers (100-4,900 scfm)

DEA Series incorporates our down-flow drying process and state-of-the-art design features unequaled in industry. Using approximately 2% process gas for purge, the DEA is the most energy efficient dryer on the market. The key to the DEA’s energy efficiency is the unique arrangement of evenly spaced heaters within the desiccant bed that ensure complete, even heating. Designed for continuous or intermittent service, the DEA is also utilized in specialty gas drying such as carbon dioxide in breweries, nitrogen for chemical padding, and hydrogen drying.

  • Energy costs are typically 80% less than heatless units and 70% to 80% less than other internal heat reactivated dryers.
  • Legendary Select Series or Century Series control valves feature stainless steel internal parts designed specifically for desiccant dryer service and tested to 500,000 cycles, bubble-tight.
  • AMLOC® in-bed capacitance probes for desiccant charge moisture load sampling.
  • Low purge requirements make the DEA the ideal dryer for installations where compressed air/gas is not expendable for regeneration.